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Trail Trackers Guide You Safely Home

What are Trail Trackers?

Trail TrackersWhat are Trail Trackers?

Trail trackers are adhesive markers which let you plan and track journeys using sheet maps such as those from the UK Ordnance Survey. They work well with maps on the scale 1:25,000 but can be used with maps of any scale.

They are:

  • transparent so they do not hide the map,
  • printed with symbols which help you plan your journey,
  • movable to track your position during the journey,
  • reusable (number of uses depends upon conditions).

In addition

  • they have a lifting tab for easy repositioning,
  • they bend with your map so they will not fall off when you fold the map.

The pack includes a storage wallet and user instructions.

Trail Trackers on Map

How do I use them?

Always test Trail Trackers on the map to ensure they do not lift the ink.

Before the Journey

  • Mark the place where the journey begins with the Start Journey marker.
  • Plan your route with 15 numbered Route Planners by marking places where the route changes.
  • Mark journey's end with the End Journey marker.
  • Use the Danger Marker to remind you of features you want to avoid.
  • With the Feature Marker show places you want to visit.
  • Use the Cup to mark a place to take a break.

During the Journey

  • Locate your position and track your progress with the Current Position Marker.
  • If your map is used inside a waterproof holder, use the numbers on Route Planners to track your position.
  • Use the North Indicator to show where north is as you turn your map during the journey, so you can check your direction against a compass or the sun.

How do I get them?

United Kingdom

Trail Trackers cost £3.99 plus shipping.

Rest of the World

Trail Trackers cost US$4.99 plus shipping.

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